Saturday, July 24, 2010

Two jobs....

Two jobs is something I'm still getting used to. The weekly paycheck is nice, but I miss my kiddos. It's funny how working in a bookstore leads to less reading, but it does when it's your second job :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

PT Job of my dreams

My bookstore job is only part time, but in walking distance from my FT job! Sadly, it's not at my home away from home tiny, indie (only one store) bookstore where I've been a fixture for years, but they understand and love me anyway.  (They never need anyone, no one ever quits there!) The one I'm working in  is family owned, so I'm happy with that.  There are 30 stores through out the midwest I believe, and I am thrilled to work there. Everyone welcomed me like I've been there for years. I can also order my own favorites books to be in stock in the store! SQUEEEE!

The money will all go into my Forks fun since I've spent it all......

Tomorrow night is the first time I close and I'm a little nervous, here's hoping I don't screw up!